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           Welcome to the furniture page of Danish Office Solutions, providing office designs that work for your work.

Danish Office Solutions provides high-end, quality, comfortable office furniture in a variety of colors, veneers, and finishes.   Our furniture are designed and    manufactured in Denmark. Our philosophy is that when the functional and visual goes up to a higher level, our furniture help to promote both mental and physical good working conditions for you and your employees.

If you let Danish Office Solutions design your new office with a complete line of office furniture with chair, desk and shelving etc., your office will be remembered as an exclusive and smart office.

A Sit/Stand desk helps to reduce the health problems that may be caused by sedentary work. The benefits of the raise-lowering feature are many - your productivity is increased by standing work while research shows that your life can be extended by standing up and working. We place great emphasis on the fact that our raised bench tables are stable - even when they are in outer positions.

We have two series of desks: Flow and Quadro - choose the series you want to see more about:

Flow bench

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